Showcase: People Sleeping at the Ghats of Varanasi

A photo gallery of people catching some holy dreams on the bank of Ganga in Banaras.

The Suicide Temple of Varanasi

The Kashi Karvat temple of Varanasi was associated to an absurd ritual in a distant past.

The Leaning Temple of Varanasi

The leaning temple of Varanasi is associated with several legends.

People of India: The Family System

An introduction to family system in India.

Indian Logic: Traditional Arranged Marriage

Traditional arranged marriage logic.

A Brief Introduction to India

Because you don’t want to read too many words.

Showcase: Graffiti, murals, and wall-art in Banaras

A picture gallery of graffiti, murals, and various wall-arts in Varanasi.

Showcase: Animals & Birds of Banaras

Varanasi isn’t a city only of humans.

Featured Pictures

Some selected pictures of Banaras.. and India.

Why the ban on beef is not ridiculous

Bans on beef would probably not feel so absurd to you if you were Indian.

Relationship with an Indian

What difficulties an inter-cultural relationship with an Indian can face?

A funeral in India

How a traditional Hindu funeral takes place.