They are not cows

What makes buffaloes upset?

A Bull of Banaras

Story of a bull in Varanasi.

There are snakes everywhere in India

Many people in the west seem to believe so.

Marriage of Raju and Vimala

Short story about how a traditional arranged marriage gets arranged.

Languages of Varanasi

Hindi isn’t only language of Varanasi

Festival: Dev Deepavali, the second Diwali of Varanasi

A festival of light exclusive to Banaras (Varanasi)

Mystery: Muhnochwa, the mysterious Face-clawer

Terror of an unknown creature/object

People of India: Caste system

A brief take on Indian caste system

Legend: King Divodasa & Conspiracy of Gods

Legend of king of men who banished all Gods from his kingdom.

A brief history of Banaras

A brief history of Varanasi

Journey of the ancient city through its long lifespan.