Why the ban on beef is not ridiculous

There are hot debates going on about the ban on beef in India. Some Indians stand in support of the bans while some are against the bans. Although, it is an internal matter of India, the world media is also talking about it. A general perception is that these bans are ridiculous. But, is it really so?

There are arguments that would justify the ban and there are arguments who would prove why these bans are wrong. But in this post, we are going to discuss why it is not an entirely absurd move (as it is believed in rest of the world).

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Position of the cows in the Indian culture

Cows are deemed sacred in Hinduism and they are given the status of mother in Hindu scriptures. However, cows do not really have such luxuries practically (people, especially western people, often make the mistake of taking words written in connection to India, well.. literally). Yet, it is true that cows hold a respectful position among the Hindu majority. Cows are loved and respected animal in India; for religious reasons as well as their practical use.

It is noteworthy that most of the beef in India comes from buffaloes, which is not banned.

Why ban on the cow meat is not ridiculous

Let’s talk about cats, dogs, and horses

Now, we are going to talk about cats, dogs, and horses as well. Sales of the meat of these animals is a taboo in most parts of the world, while it is common in some parts. Sales of such meat is even officially banned in many parts of the world. There will be raised eyebrows when one talks of dog-meat. The tradition of dog-meat in China and other east-Asian countries is often talked about disapprovingly.

In the Indian society, cows hold a special position like cats and dogs do. If killing of cats and dogs for meat feels wrong to you, then you have an idea.

The Last Words

The whole matter is a complicated scenario. So is the human society, where the moral, logical, and practical arguments continuously conflict with each other. Complications become more complicated as we live in a large world with over 7 billion people who have different beliefs and philosophies.

We can find arguments to support the bans as well as against the bans. We live in the world trying to find the balance between the moral values and the logic. And, India is a nation where over 1.25 billion human hearts beat. Probably there is a traditional affection for animals in India, too. Vegetarian tendency is relatively stronger in Indians.

Few years ago, India declared ban on the dolphin-shows stating that the dolphins should be seen as ‘Non-human persons’.

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